Thursday, September 23, 2015

Hello everyone. I have not updated this blog for some time but I still have the T4 Syncro and I now also have a T4 Syncro DOKA that I'm doing another conversion on. I have imported all the posts from this blog into a new blog located here and I plan to update this regularly and also add the backlog of posts for the past few years. I will keep this blog live for prosperity.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mercedes ML Alloys and 225/75 16 Tyres

Out of interest I had a go at fitting some Mercedes ML 16" alloys to my T4 with the original tyres which are 225/75x16". I bought these wheels second hand from ebay and the reason for fitting them is because I'm a bit unsure of the load rating of the Momo alloys I currently own and I need a spare wheel.

They actually fitted at the front of the T4 without catching from lock to lock even though they were very close. At the back the back edge of the sill caught on the tyre but this could be fettled to allow them to fit. The bumper would also need some work though as I think this would catch one the van was loaded. They did give some impressive ground clearance though as there was about 15" to the bottom of the sill.

I've now decided to go for some 215/70 16" General Grabber AT2 to fit on the wheels and will order them tonight.


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